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Quotes are my life and I think its fate that I found this website<3. I'm the kind of girl who’s crazy and no longer give a fuck about what people think of me. I used to be the self-conscious girl in the back of room who was scared to talk thinking someone would judge her. But now I'll be random. I'll talk to everyone. I'll take risks. Sure I have my insecurities but what girl doesn't? I'll laugh until my sides hurt and I'll cry until no more tears come out. I'm a confused teenage girl like everyone else but I'm starting to wake up and see the world for what it really is. I'm just here to play a role in this fucked up thing we call life. I'm gunna get my heart broken. I'm gunna cry. I'm gunna laugh. I'm gunna be crazy. I'll be happy. I'll be sad. But most importantly I'm going to LIVE my life how I want to live it. <3

My name's Ashley Rivera. I'm 14 years old about to turn fifteen on March 10th. I wanna become a writer when I grow up & I've dreamt about going to Princeton University since I was 7 years old. People tell me I'll never make it, but I'm going to prove them wrong.
I have a lot of trust issues because a lot of things have changed my thought on the world. I think society's fucked up for making us believes that we have to live up to everyone's expectations. God made you who you are and you should be proud of your imperfections because they're what make us beautiful.

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Quotes by xxYouMeanEverythingToMexx3


If I had the courage to kill myself,
I wouldn't hesitate.


I wish I could go back to the
   time where I was actually happy.


 Last night, my bestfriend, the guy I'm in love with,took my arm, looked at my wrist and saw the scars.
He teared up and kissed each one.

He. Gives. Me. Hope♥.



But you're not mine to miss

We'rdrifting ,

         and that doesn't bother you?

i watched you change.


You make it seem like
forgetting me was the easiest ,
thing ever. ♥

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I lied to them...

I told them to be happy. -  when I'm certainly not.
I told them things get better. - When I doubt they ever will.
I told them to always have hope. - when I've lost all mine.
I told them everyone's beautiful. - when I feel ugly all the time.
I told them to be strong - when I'm breaking apart as days go by.

One day he'll think back
and he's going to say, [ damn , i wish i never let her go ]