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Quotes by xx_CAT_xx

To think it's been 8 years since I've been on here.
Seeing old quotes and remembering all those feelings I had years ago.
Just wow
Look how far I've come.
Our foreheads touched,

We looked at eachother in the eyes.

He leaned in holding me tight, and

We kissed.

He's special because...

He's my first kiss.
He told me that I 'm the only person who makes him happy <3
My Best Friend Asked me out!! :D
He's honestly the most amazing guy ever. Monday night we were playing this truth game where we ask each other questions and you have to answer it honestly. Well, near the end of the game at midnight I asked him, "If we were to go out, how would you ask me out?" I was afraid he wouldn't answer, but he did. He said, "I would hold your hands and tell you how much I like you. Then I would go down on one knee and ask you to be my girlfriend." At that moment I knew that I like him. The week before I didn't know. I was thinking yes but maybe no because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Then at 11:11, I wished that he would think yes that we should go out. He texted me saying I think we should go out because we're so good a friends, we love each other, and no matter what we will always support each other. I said yes! But he told me, I won't ask you in a text or over the phone. I asked are you going to ask me in school? He said no it needs to be special because you so amazing. And on December 31, it would be our 200 days of texting each other everyday. So on Halloween before he left, He stopped me and held my hands. "I dont know what to say, but that I really do like you. I love you so much. You are my bestfriend." Then he got down on one knee while holding my hand and said "Will you please be my girlfriend?" I melted and hugged him. He told me he wouldn't kiss me because he wanted to make our first kiss special since it will be my first kiss. I honest couldn't ask for anything more.
There's always that person who

you thought would protect you,
watch over you, help you through everything.
And they promise they would do that.
But they don't.

People like that disgust me.
*Me and my guy friend texting eachother*

Me: OMG guess what you should do??????

Him: What?
Me: You should try to put on a girl's make- up without any help!

Him: haha I should!!!

Me: I can just imagine you picking up the wrong brush.

Him: haha yeah wait there's multiples of brushes?

True story.

It's Just a Dream
Story 1: Part 1

Ok so in these italics I will be explaining a bunch of things like backround knowledge you guys need to know. This is the start of my dream journal that I will be sharing with you guys. Ever since I found out that you lose 90% of your dream in 10 minutes, I wanted to record all the good dreams that I had. So this story is the first story I've written about. All the dreams that I will write or have written are real dreams that I have dreamt about. In this dream, I am in a house with a bunch of my friends. As you go on into the story, you will meet Eric, Ben, Alex, Alexander, Emma, Cindy, Sammi, Katie, Jimmy, Kimmy, Chaz, Nick, and myself. So enjoy your reading of my crazy random dream :)


My eyes grew heavier and heavier. Everything was black around me. I couldn't smell anything nor could I see what was beyond the darkness. After what seemed like 30 minutes, my eyes flew open and saw a pale green ceiling. When I got up, I looked around and saw that I was in an empty room with no furnitures or window. Just a simple wooden door that looked like it was made in the early 1900s. I walked out into the hallway and saw my friends. They had the same confused faces as I did. I pointed down the hallway as a gesture to say "Let's go that way," and they followed. We walked down the creepy hallway with red diamond shaped rugs and dark greenish blue wallpaper. 

Then we heard a noise.

It was a scratching rattling noise that came from a light brown wooden door. Nearby was an armor suit holding a sword that was pointing down. We all moved towards the door and I held up my hand to keep them back. I opened the door slowly and a low creaking noise came from the not well oiled hindges. I couldn't wait any longer and I pushed opened the door. What came out surprised me. It was my little cavalier king charles spaniel dog wagging her tail.

"Aww Ruby." I said in a high pitch voice ,that you would do when you see a puppy or baby, and picked her up, "What are you doing here?"

Everyone relaxed for a second, but not for long. Ruby's eyes started to turn, well, ruby. Her eyes weren't innocent. It was evil and dangerous. I dropped her and backed away. The monster snarled and jumped me. I screamed for help and tried to push her away. I couldn't her her off of me. I felt pain as her bit me on my arm. Blood started to pour out and someone tackled Ruby. I rolled over to see who saved me and it was Chaz. I quickly took the sword and pointed at the evil dog while Chaz held her down. I raised the sword and looked into it's eye. Before I knew it, I sliced the dog in half and just stood there with my bleeding arm. Ben came over and ripped a part of his shirt to cover my wound. 

"Thanks" I smiled.

"No problem." We both got up and the rest of the group came up to us and making sure I was ok. We then walked down the hallway more being more and more cautious. Nick took the sword from the armor and was just twirling it around. I was talking to Sammi and Katie about Ben and how I like him.

"Aw Ben helped patched you up!" Katie said.
"It was just out of kindness. Plus I'm his twin brother's best friend. How could he not help me when I'm bleeding?" I replied.
"But any one of us could've done it Cat. It's not like we don't know how to take care of a wound." said Sammi.
"Plus he's cute. I mean just look at him with that brown lusious hair cute eyes a hotty!" Katie remarked.
"I don't know. He is cute but he's such a flirt. He would never go for a girl like me."
"Well what about Nick? Cute, tall, athletic, music-lover."
"Yeah I guess but I don't know yet."

We kept walking and came up to a fork in the hallway. Each hallway looked identical.

"I think we should split up." said Jimmy, "We'll cover more ground that way."

We all agreed and divided into two groups. Eric, Chaz, Sammi, Katie, Jimmy, and Kimmy were one group. The rest, Ben, Nick, Alex, Alexander, Cindy, Emma, and I were the other. Chaz's group when left while my group went right. We all agreed that if one of the groups gets into trouble, one of our group members would go and find the other group. We had our hug goodbyes and went our seprate ways. It started to get darker and darker as we moved further down the hallway. The wall paper started to change and so did the width of the hallway. There was a torch nearby and i used it to see the hallway better. As we went down the hallway we started to hear a growl. Then another growl. And another. I saw 6 pairs of yellow eyes stareing at us. It came closer and closer. I decided to throw my torch closer to the animal to get a closer look. I saw it. Dark gray fur, yellow eyes, sharp teeth. The beasts were hungry. 

"Don't move." Nick warned us, "Just back away slowly"

But it was already too late. The dogs barked and started to charged at us. My heart was racing as I ran as fast as I could. Nick and Ben were trying to find a door that was unlock. But had now luck. Then I heard a scream. It was Emma.

End of Part 1

What If I Told You...

You read the top line wrong.

And that You Checked To See If It Was Wrong :)


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Making a 2nd witty account

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Getting your period the first day of Summer. FML