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Quotes by xx_LoveYou_xx

if      your     'bestfriend'
isn't  .  there  .  for  .  you
& doesnt care about you,
they   _   arent   _   your
(b) (e) (s) (t) (f) (r) (i) (e) (n) (d)
even  if  they  used  to  be
It's  a  long  way  down
( we're so high off the ground )
sending  for an _
angel;  to

bring   me   ur  

girl where did you come from ?
Got        Me        So      
gazin' in ur eyes got me singin'
what  a  beautiful  lady
No   'if's   'and's   or   'maybe's
i'm  releasin' my  heart  and  its
feelin_             _amazin
theres no one else that matters
you love me    and i won't let you fall girl

when   i'm   with   him
i feel like im in a dream
a/n/d             i/t/s         g/r/e/a/t

They Say Im Obsessed
  i’m        L E| .|           not         L E| .|       obsessed

The cute boy: "Hey, I'll text you after school today"
Me: Ohk (smiles and is secretly extremely ecstatic)
-Later that day-

DING*             the phone dings, new text message :O
i pick up the phone trying not to seem to anxious
to answer his text.       i slowly push 'read now' and
then i think im moving too quick,    so i set it down
i go back to it two minutes later. (felt like forever)
and i open the text.   " Honey, dont forget to wash
the dishes"    >my mom just ruined my whole day

He Has A Way

 to make me believe everything he says.  - - - I'm gunna get hurt, aren’t i?

i'd rather have bad times with you
than good times with someone else

i'd rather be beside you in a storm
than be safe and warm by _myself

i'd rather have hard times together
then    to   have   it   easy   apart

remember; ill always love you baby
you're the one who holds my
W h e n   i    t e l l    y o u
i _dont say it out of habit
or  to  make  conversation
I  (say)  it to remind  you
that you're the best thing
that ever happened to me


Why,  Yes;
i do spontaneously break out
in        _       ninja       _      moves