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16th birthday! can i get 16 faves :)
That awkward moment when the whole world thinks that you're guilty except 12 jurors.

this is for nicki minaj..

her cousin was murdered in brooklyn.


☐ Single
☐ Taken
☑ Planning my Royal Wedding with Prince Harry
i've had the worst luck with guys..

todays my 6th month anniversary

its my 15th birthday

can i get 15 faves ? (:



fave if you ♥ him.
I go to a catholic school, and i have to wear a uniform.

after school one day, i went straight to a friends house.

all my friends were making fun of my uniform when i walked in.

my friend, who i have the biggest crush on, came over to me, gave me a big hug, whispered in my ear

and said, "You look beautiful."

 LGMH.   ♥

true story.<3
not very pretty, sorry.


anybody else watch
              Camp Rock 2 ? ! :D

roses are red
violets are blue
tell me you love me
and i'll tell you.


made it up.
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