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heyyy im allison or allie whichever people  call me i dont reallly car :]] . i live in jerseyyy. lovee north carolina i just went there on vacation... i love summer and fall winters pretty good too. i love the beach/shoree too. i have a brother whose 16... umm im 14... im lovein life and i dont no what else to say.
sorry if i ever jock anyones quote i try my best not to but sometimes it happens.

i love music i love playing all sports even if im not good at them.
i love witty and i love everyones quotes they are all so great.
i love my friends and hanging out with them. same with my family.
some of my quotes are ones i made up, lyrics ,or ones tht i no from other places and i jst like put color to it.
i pretty much favor any quote i like so i have a lot of favorites.
tell me if you like my quotes if u want if theyre bad or good or i need to improve them. um so yeah thanks for lookin at my page:] bye

~allie~ <3

Quotes by xxallielovexx

boy:Do you believe in past ives?
girl: Nope.
boy: why not?
girl: Because Im still trying  to get through this one.

im not sure what tp put this unuder so im puting it under break up just beacuse:]
always do the things that

scare  you.

someone said this to me a few days ago too.
If it doesnt kill  you...

it makes you

someone said this to me tthe other day i forget why though,

sometimes you have to break the rules to


Every ocean was your own shade of

just because you cant see something...

doesnt mean its not there.

highlight haha idk i just  like this quote i guess
Tonight the sky a b o v e

Reminds me of you, love

Walking through wintertime

Where the stars all shine

The angel on the stairs

Will tell you I was there

Under the front porch light

On a mystery n i g h t

this time from august rushh
i know its not good with colors or anything but i like the song
Love is not a feeling...
                  it's an
a b i l i t y.

from dan in real lifee:].

hoodies and sweatshirts
no more short shorts or skirts
pencils and pens
atleast we get to see our friends
going to bed and waking up early

alarmclock ringing
bag around your shoulder slinging
folders and new c l o t h e s
no time to watch tv shows
back to book socks
because schools here and it kind of suckss

haha idk i was bored and kind of made this im sort of excited for school but im gonna miss summer haha....
idk if it makes and sensee


Dont you just hate it when                                                                                                 
you know like a song or an artist for like a while and you show it to some                         people and theyre like ehh theyre alright or they dont really like it       and then it comes on the radio and becomes famous and all a sudden they like it.

haha idkk i hate it when that happens                                                                              
colorss arent great i knoww im not really good with them