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Quotes by xxallineedisyouxx

that feeling when you just want to cry

         and you dont know why

"lie to me, tell me im beautiful"


you are the best thing that has ever happened to me
i just want to lay in your arms forever
Face the reality, there is no more you and me.
why should i let you drag my heart around again?
I'm done letting you walk all over me


im so glad i said goodbye,
otherwise i wouldnt have this amazing guy in my life 




ignoring me wont do any harm now
but now that im totally gone 
you'll regret every fucckin day of not talking to me


{Format Credit: XxprettixX}

The day we met, i can't explain the way
that i felt
feeling all of these emotions that i can't
even help
if i didn't meet you
there would be no smile on my face
like there is today
i feel like im being played all over again
 and i admire you, i really do
because i've never seen a person before
who could fake so much feelings at the same time .
and now that i know 
the truth
i was wondering could you teach it to me?
cause i dont want to deal witth love
no more

Even though your not right next to me
i still feel you near me 
and when i look up at the stars, 
it feels like im right next to you again 
distance means so little, when someone means so much .
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