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Hi((: Im Amy-The Brunette. (not my real name. I just dont really want my friends to recognize me on here :/)
but iv'e been told im smart, nice, funny&a flirt(;
And i am in love with Taylor Lautner. Just like my cousin.
Yupp. & were getting married some day.
(obviously i know thats not gonna happnen. but its fun to dream)
I love music(Bruno Mars&Taylor Swift especially<3)
And i love soccer, hockey and lac(:
Get to know me(:
"Forget all the shit thats happened in the past.
Its calld the past for a reason."

"Love like you've lost and you'll never loose the ones you love."

Just two quotes i made up<3

Hope you like my page!(:
p.s. Am i the only one that thinks Taylor Lautner is the Hottest man alive?!
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xxamyxx114's Favorite Quotes

I want to get hurt. A car accident, anything. I want to get injured enough to wind up in a hospital, just to see if anyone would come to make sure I'm okay. And I'd pretend to be sleeping or dying so in case anyone actually did come, they would sit at the edge of my bed, crying, and tell me everything. I want to hear everything they've ever thought of me, how they really feel, if they're sorry for anything. I just want to know the truth. And I want to know who truly cares about me.

♥♥  I Want A Guy..♥♥  
*Who will wrestle with me and let me win.
Who I can talk to about anything.
Who puts my cold hands in his hoodie sweatshirt pockets.
Who will let me use his sweatshirt as a pillow.
Who says I love you and means it.
Who will kiss me in the rain, sunshine, and snow.
Who calls unexpectivley.
Who realizes I say things but I don't always mean them.
*Who I can go swimming with on hot days and not care what I look like.
*Who will tell me his problems and let me help.
Who will kiss me and tell me I'm beautiful.
Who will simply be mine to hold.


                                                  When you know what      show "OH SNAP!"       comes from.


Why do people
always crave sweets
when they're stressed?
Well, simply because
Stressed backwards,
spells Desserts

  He dosen't know


the difference from




Just me?



may I just say that you, sir,

are the kind of boy i would actually make a sandwich for.

This quote does not exist.


The concept of YOLO
isn't to go smoke and drink.

  It's to go out and do something in your life that matters.



Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Am I skinny?

Am I tall?

I look at you, and you tell me that…

I’m not pretty,

I’m not pretty at all.


Did you hear? Russell Brand and Katy Perry are splitting up!
Wow, I guess he is the one that got away.

Something must have happened last Friday night.
Maybe he wanted some other California girl.

Or maybe he kissed another girl and liked it!

That's what he gets for waking up in Vegas.