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i'm a fun loving girl who wants to meet new people im not the skinnest but im not that fat either i have dark brown hair and mostly hazel eyes if you want to get to know me more just ask :) and im trying to find a boyfriend lol the hunt isnt really working lol :P

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i went to bed thinking about you and i woke up having the best dream about you and i was thinking how much i want you!

oh chocolate were would i be without you! ;)

why does life have to be so HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
finally the truth comes out and we fixed it

people can be complete a**holes!!!!!! they lie to get what they want but sooner or later it comes back and bites u in the a** so haha take that! THANK YOU CARMA!

why does this always have to happen to me?! i finally love my life and it becomes a good life but then something always comes out of the blue and makes me sad agian :'(
i need advice ok so my ex boyfriend broke up with me cause of this other girl according to his friends she was talking to him and flirting with him and they broke up about a week ago and now he is sorta flirting with me i dont want to read to much into it but i dont know what to do if he does want to get back with me i need help!
if we always lie then no one will ever know if we're telling the truth.
you might not see things as they are at first but then u look deeper and u find out what they've been trying to say since the beginning.
My letter was E.

Something I like: evermore
Something I dislike: elks
Person I Like: everlasting tristin
Person I know: ellot

Fave for a letterr(; 
when i was like 10 i was sleeping in my room and all of a sudden i hear a big crash and i was jolted awake by it then i hear footsteps coming up the stairs and i could hear my dad snoring in his room (my mom was dead a little over a year now) and it kept coming closer til i saw my door creek open i was so terrified but nothing was there when it opened then i saw this thing standing by my bed i didnt know what it was it was just this black shawdow i guess and it was just standing there and then it started to disappear and then my door shut and i heard footsteps going down the stairs.
i told my dad but he said i was dreaming but i know i wasnt dreaming and i think thats what got me started into the ghost hunting thing.