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Is anyone else here obsessed with
Jack Frost
...or is it just me...
So...did we ever find out what Chester's father looks like without the bag over his head?

Fairly Odd Parents raises so many questions...
Timmy:  Oh no, a dead end!
Cosmo:  Well, you lived a good life.
Timmy:  I'M ONLY TEN!
Cosmo:  I said good not long.


Due to my bordom here in biology, yes I'm in bio,
I decided to see if Witty worked on these computers.
Guess who isn't researching anything on bacteria now.
Goodbye A+ on project, hello procrastination.

Well, school has started once again...

the countdown to CHRISTMAS begins



Rapunzel tells us all one thing about love, that climbing the highest tower becomes less difficult if someone at the end gives you a reason to hold on...


Sibling rivalry #22
Sister 1: How man points did you get on the game?
sister 2: 100 points.
Sister 1: oh yeah,  well, I got 200 points.
sister 2: oh wait I meant I got 500 points.
Sister 1: No you didn't! I got 2453408978495689 points!
and so World War 3 beigins

"I want to live to be 100 years old minus one so I wouldn't have to live a day without you."

 - Winnie the Pooh

Its not you, its me...
whoa whoa wait,

Its you, NOT ME!

Today I got my period,
Today was MCAS day,
Today by boyfriend broke up with me.

My boyfriend broke up with me and didn't tell me the reason, it is two weeks until semi formal, just the other day he said he loved me to pluto and back again, today he gave me the biggest hug...to bad i didn't know it was the last, then I never would have let go.

Please favorite this if you feel my pain. <3

~ to all you Witty girls, stay stong...