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Im Caitlin 
Im 16
I listen to every type of music (Except rap)
I've been called spacey as hell and even shady 
Basically all I do is read.
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Im a Slytherin!

Quotes by Repair Boy 🔥*

As I sailed into the lake I realized the Fates really were cruel.
They sent Calypso someone she couldn't help but love. But it worked both ways.
For the rest of my life I would be thinking about her. She would always be my biggest
what if.”
Beckendorf was supposed to go to college in the fall.
He had a girlfriend, lots of friends, his whole life ahead of him.
He couldn't be gone
I left him in his wheelchair, staring sadly into the fireplace.
I wondered how many times he’d sat here,
waiting for heroes that never came back.  
  Tell me what your worst fears are. I bet they look a lot like mine. Tell me what you think about when you can’t fall asleep at night.
Tell me that you’re struggling. Tell me that you’re scared. No, Tell me that you’re terrified of life.
Tell me that it’s difficult to not think of death sometimes. Tell me how you lost. Tell me how he left. Tell me how she left.
Tell me how you lost everything that you had. Tell me that it ain’t ever coming back. Tell me about God. Tell me about love.
Tell me that it’s all of the above.
Say you think of everything in fear.
I bet you’re not the only one does.
When I say I don't care, don't assume somewhere deep inside me cares.
I really don't give a sh/t
Today I wore a lovely shade of
"I slept like crap so don't make me angry"
Doesn't it suck when you can't even text one of your best friends because you feel like you would bother them. 
“I come up with the theory that my father started drinking again, because maybe he found out I’m gay.
Like if he could make everything else blurry,
maybe somehow I’d look straight.”
Just beacuse I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
does not mean it beats any softer than yours
“Do I raise the dead when I put him behind bars? Then what'll I do it for?
We used to shoot a man who acted like a dog, but honor was real there, you were protecting something. But here?
This is the land of the great big dogs, you don't love a man here, you eat him!”
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