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Hey!! I'm Catherine, I'm 14 and Irish:) I'm always here if anyone needs a chat :D Anything else you want to know just ask away!
Ps. In case you haven't noticed, I enjoy pandas:L:P
And yes, I know I'm not pretty, it's ok. No need to point out the blindingly obvious!!


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Quotes by xxcandycakesxx

It's less than a week to Christmas,
And I have never felt less Christmassy.
So tomorrow, I'm going to open the time capsule i buried as a kid. I'm really excited. I can't wait to see how big my puppy got!
So last night, i was babysitting my nephew. He came in to my room at 6am this morning.
Me: what are you doing?? Go back to bed!!
My nephew: but my tummy's making noises!
Me: what noises?
My nephew: quack quack!

Moral of the story: it's impossible to be angry at a 3year old who tells you his tummy says quack quack:')
I like the titanic....

My favourite character was the iceberg:)
Can i pretty please get 15faves for my 15th birthday?;)
I don't need to manage my anger.
People need to manage their stupidity.
I need to sleep
What I have learnt from watching One Direction videos:

1. Zayn makes the strangest facial expressions
2. Harry seems to be very central in most of them
3. Louis doesn't do much except join in on the chorus and dance (which is sad)
4. Liam is the only one who can hit the high notes (or at least sings them best)
5. Well, I'm a little biased about Niall because well, he's adorable isn't he?:')
Ok, everyone seems to be at war over gay marraige (again!) so I am going to tell yous something.

If someone else is gay or bisexual does it affect you personally?
No it doesn't. It in no way affects your life so why should you care?
It is their personal choice and not up to you.

If you don't agree with gay marraige, that's fine. It's your own opinion which should be respected as should opinions that differ with your own.

So just stop.