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Hii, my name is Sydney. Syd for short. I'm 14 and in the 8th grade. Soon to be in highschool. Class of 2015 baby! Well I love Taylor Swift, but name a girl who doesn't. and emimem too. and other artists but there's too many to name. I love music to death, couldn't live without it. My fav school subjects are math and language arts. I am constantly rearranging my room. I can't stand the same thing for too long. You may notice that I am always changing my witty layouts. I'm single and free to mingle. Well actually i've  never had a boyfriend. But oh well, i've liked my fair share of gentlemen. But the fact is, they haven't liked me back. I've been through my fair share of things. I play lacrosse and I am a swimmer. Facebook? Of course. Witty? gotta love it. Two accounts, this one and laxluck75. leave me a comment:) ill talk. I love my best friends. check out her profile at smiley2617. well bye for now. k, thankss,

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&These days 
I wish 
G  O  O  D  B  Y  E
Still meant it's only until  


I can't wait for the day when I smile when I am truly happy,
when i don't have to act like everything's okay when actually it's slowly falling apart.

not my format

Anit isn't who...
You've known the longest that counts.

It's who came and never left.

      I miss you. I really miss
      you.But I'm letting you
      go, once and for all.
      Because this all hurts
      too much for me. I love
      you, and we've had some
      amazing times that I won't
      forget, but it's time. I know
      it's time. And I'm ready      
      this time. 





  f   o    r     b    e    i    n    g     t    h    e    r    e  ; when everyone else decided to walk out 


you know who you are

I thinabouyoall the time.

but I don't even cross your mind

If our lives were easy, there'd be nothing to look forwarto,  
                       l i f e, it's a crazy ride.
                                    and tomorrow is what to live for. < ------                so go out and take that risk,
               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                   who cares if you fail.
                                                                                                                           it's not the end of the world

          every problem has its solution. ________________________________________x

You're the kind of friend that if my house was burning down, you'd be hitting on the fireman. You're the kind of friend that steals my umbrella in the rain to see how fast I can run. You're the kind of friend that laughs when I fall, then you trip me again. You're the kind of friend that can't bail me out of jail because you're sitting right beside me in the cell. Most of all, you're the kind of friend that will be with me until our last breath. The kind that will be chasing me around the nursing home, trying to hit me with your walking stick when we're old and saggy. And for that I love you. Here's to best friends.

 Wow, peoplsure 
//♥ have changed.


                                         Will you be my