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I'm Chloe. :D


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Hey there!! I love you all, oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me my quoted arejocked because all of them either say "nmq"or if they are black and white they are from my Tumblr!! meh.
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Quotes by xxchloexxneon

I party so hard that I have to party alone, no one can handle my partying.


If you were a potatoe I would mash you.

I mean.. what?

Mindless Television

How my mind works:

Nobody likes me
Boy: I like you
Me: Shoo 

No guys like me for who I am
Boy: I like who you are
Me: Shoo

Forever alone
Boy: What the f**k is wrong with you?
Me: See? *crys*


 Eating salad:
10% actually get swallowed
90% gets stuck in your teeth

Someday I will write a book, a very small book and name it "My Virginity"
Its will become a national best-seller, becasue everyone will want to read it.
It won;t have words, so people will get mad, put it down, then lose it.
Soon everyone will be saying "oh crap, i lost My Virginity..."


News in America: cannibal eats man's face
News in America: man throws his own intestines at police
News in Canada: body parts mailed to government
News in America: woman kills and eats 3 week old son
News in Britain: our butterfly population is still declining

Fun Fact
Drinking cold water burns calories.

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The best way to tell someone that they are in the friendzone

I don't feel like that towards you, I feel like I'm Lilly Evans and you are Severus Snape


Me: Hey! Wanna hang out?
Friend: Oh, I can't sorry.
Me: Oh... Why not?
Friend: I have to walk my guinea pig.
Oh you walk your guineas pig?
Friend: Yes, its becomeing overweight so my mom makes me take it on regular walks...
#real convo, best excuse yet*