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Quotes by xxdayummxgirlxx

                                                   If I could, take you there
                                                  I won't let go, this I swear,
                                                You won't have to wonder what we are,
Cause you won't have to ever look too far,
                                                                            -->It's in the scars, It's hidden in the scars.


There's  two more lonely people
in the world tonight
Baby you &+ I
are just two more lonely people
who gave up the fight
yeah, wrong or right
Well you know my heart is aching
You don't have to break it
If love don't change your mind
then there's two more lonely people
tonight< Baby you &+ I

I keep my secrets to myself
That's the point of a secret
But I can't hold them in any longer
One day I will just burst

I'm tired of your bullshit.
You can't lie to me anymore.
I'm old enough to know better.
I may not of cared when I was younger.
But I sure as hell do now.
So just tell the truth.

For once.
Summer Twenty Ten;; 
This Summer I am going to live for me.
I am going to figure out who I am.
I will try my best to help.
I'm going to tan in the sun all day; party all night.
But most importantly, I will make this Summer be fun!
so  I  won't  give  up,                                                 no
I                   won't                   break                    down
sooner     than    it    seems    life    turns     around
and   I   will be strong even when it all goes wrong
standing     in      the     dark     I'll     still     believe
that          someones        watching        over          

--Hilary Duff--

                                                            Celebrate your strength,
embrace your future,
                              and be extraordinary

I've        fallen         for        you
right__in__ front__of__my__eyes.
I      knew      this      would      happen

s  o  o  n  e  r o r l  a  t  e  r  .
But   .      never   .  thought
I'd     care     this     much.
I'm            trying         to         find           myself.
Everyone's pushing me to be someone  else.
I hate it how everyone seems to be perfect.
The    thing    is,      no  one  can  be  perfect.

And       I'm      just      learning      that       now.
Disney    made    me     grow   up    believing.
I   want     to     still    believe,   but   it's   hard.
I     just   want   to    start    everything    over
and          x            be        x        

: "Aren't you gonna skate?"
girl: "You knew me. I can't skate."
boy: "Maybe I want to know you again."