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Quotes by xxdayummxgirlxx

where  you  just  feel  like
you   have   to   break   up
with       the        person
you    love    the     most.
To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that's aching to see you smile . . . again.

*not mine*

He used to be mine.
He used to love me.
Now he's obsessed with,
late night calls with
other girls,
and talking to other girls,
instead of me.
I just wish he loved me

A n d   I   b e t   h e   d o e s n ' t   k n o w
how many tears I've shed,
how many tissues I've used,
how many times I couldn't fall asleep,

a n d   i t   w a s   a l l   b e c a u s e   o f   h i m .
                                    Je t'aime

Je t'adore

(i love you)

                                     Je t'aime
Je t'adore

|     Love     |      me      |      Love      |     me     |
say that you love me.
*         f o o l        me,        f o o l       me        *
 Oh,  ho you  d me.
Kiss              me,               Kiss                me.
Say         that          you          miss       me.
___Tell      me     what     I    wanna      hear___
Tell   me  you  love   me.

*format credit to
my bff OHxEMxGEEZ
I         have         dreams
where     he's     protective
of                 x               me.
I           have          dreams
where          he's          still
in       x               x        love
with            x               me.
But           in           reality,
he's         falling          for
all          those         other
g   i         s   .
- that follow hot guys, no matter how old they are.
- that dance around a room, screaming and laughing like idiots.
- that call each other sisters, and cousins, and wifes.
- that only get in five second fights and can never stay mad at each other.
We are the kind of best friends that love each other;;
and are not afraid to act stupid it in public.

*partial credit to xooses96*
It     never       made     sense
for       you       to       love       me. 
   I      a l w a y s       k n e w      t h a t .   

- Bella Swan. New Moon.
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