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^don't look at my uglyness, it might hurt your eyes^
Hi my name is Laura. I'm 16 years old. I'm in 11th grade. Single. I live in New York (long island to be exact) 
If you ever need advice or anything just comment on my profile I will always answer! Follow! I follow back<3 You're all BEAUTIFUL! :*

Quotes by xxdream121

Thanks for always making me smile.
I havent been on here in forever.. but I still feel like im apart of a family.
But what if I actually went through with killing myself
I got my class schedule.
Please pray for me that there are people that I can actually tolerate in my classes.
Think about today, not yesterday.
Its just better to be alone..
I dont understand why people have to yell..
Scars aren't only on wrists.
Where are yours?