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Quotes by xxiHateLifexx

"Falling in love is beautiful, It's staying together that can get ugly." - Wiz Khalifa

I make mistakes. I have regrets. I hate
being alone. I'm always late. I hate school.
I never call anyone back. I don't like being
wrong. I'm a huge procrastinator. I act like
I'm a lot tougher than I am. I hate being
ignored. I cry. I'm shy. I get annoyed by
people too easily. I have enemies. I can't
sing. I have horrible balance. I laugh really
obnoxiously. I can't trust anyone with my life.
Many things just seem to get to me. I'm not
perfect. But the beauty of it is, that i dont care :-*
It's okay to cry, it's okay to be sad about it. It's okay to miss him, and it's okay to wish you did something differently. But never blame yourself for how things turned out. Never tell yourself you can't do better, and never tell yourself this is end of the road. Fate has a time and place for all of us and nothing you can do or say will change that. Sure, it's okay to fall, but it's never okay to stay down. <3
He's just a boy who doesn't understand what he has right there in front of him and she's just a girl who never quite understood how to let go. /:
I'm not going to write you a poem or tell you how much I miss you, because words can be bullshit, you've proven that to me. But when you see the tears streaming down my face, hopefully you'll understand. <3
Cute enough to make you look twice,
Sweet enough but not too nice,
A lil crazy but not too wild,
The kinda girl that'll make you smile ♥
I'm afraid to close my eyes because I might think of you.
I'm afraid to open them because I might see you.
I'm afraid to move my lips because I might speak of you.
I'm afraid to listen because I might hear my heart falling for you. </3
this time she felll a little too hardd & too fast ,becausee she honestly believed that they would lastt.she practically felt her heart breaking through her chest ,she really thought he was different than all of the rest. she cried harder than the rain that fell from the sky, cause she wasn't quite ready for their last goodbye. but it was on that final tuesday that he finally broke her heart, their so called "endless love" finally fell apart ♥
You see THAT girl, yeah her.

She seems so invincible right.

but just touch her & she'll flinch.
She has secrets & she trusts no one.

she's the perfect example of betrayal.

cause everyone she trusted, broke her
Loved you once. Love you still. Always have, Always will<3