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xxiHateLifexx's Favorite Quotes

that you're doing completely fine
without me.


Some people say love hurts:

But this is absolutely killing me.


I know i should let

you go,

but i cant.



Confession #9-

I'm being ignored by two people I absolutely adore. They were my best friends. I now hate drama more than anything.

my bracelets cover the cuts...

I don't want you to see

&+my smiles mask the scars...

You burned into my heart

This quote does not exist.

when two people in love break up,
they can't be friends, because they have hurt each other.
they can't be enemies, because once they loved each other. ♥

the only thing they can be are the most familiar strangers. ♥

format: Sandrasaurus

How is he smiling?
when she is constantly
How is he
moving on?
when she has no Idea where her heart has

the worst part about a breakup is knowing everything was a lie and he is not the person you thought he was</3

the moment you know:

you're drifting away from someone..

you love..   

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