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Hey guys :)
Claire here! fourteeen| single| summertime chick| freshman at OHS| cheerleading for life| lovin' life♥
I'm just a normal girl trying to find herself. my friends me the world to me, quotes describe my life, and music defines what pain i'm going through. I've had a rough elmentry life so I was glad to have my bestfriends John-Michael, Ciara, Olivia, Nicole, Margaret, Garret, Grace, Noah, Mary & Ashely. now I have soo many bestfriends- like John-Michael, Olivia, Margaret, Maddie, Ariey, Amanda, Ciara, Ciara G, Noah, Kelsey, Kiara, Kelley, Kaitlin, Karlee, Preston, Jon, Kolbie, Abbie, Grace, Valezka, Liam, Rcih, Richard, Maddy, Alaina, Katie, Taylor, Tyler, Jordan, Kasey, Gabi, Lexi, Alex, Kayla, Madi, and thats just some. as you can see I cannot chose just one person
to be my bestfriend.  My cheer squad is my 2nd family know dought love 'em til death. My common nicknames are Claire-Bear Claire Dude or Dude. but you guys can call me Claire.  I'm ALWAYS saing bro; breh; brosiif; brah brah; && dude. like legit there my names for everyone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake when I'm uppse and lemme tell you I've never met anyone who doesn't just 'like' my baking but loves it so much there asking for seconds and wondering the next time I'm bringing them to school.  I have 5 pets- 3 dogs (Duke, Sophie, Molly) & 2 fish(Retard & Retarder) I love makin' memories & having inside jokes. I'm a very outgoing person, hylarious, & love making new friends so chat me up sometime if you read this far! lol I love you if your reading this right now. KAYBYE♥ 


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My lifes a party - Live life on the edge ♥

305088_213945031999357_100001515849639_566265_494076022_n My lifes a party �

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Hi wittians! Lil message for

all anerexic girls out there,

even if your not I'd advise

you to read this still


My bestfriend in the whole world is slowly dieing. all because for 4 years shes been anerexic. Now it doesn't happen to everyone, but it might happen to you.  Please eat, just eat healty. Shes slowly dieing because she didn't give her organs what they needed from food and slowly but shurly there all going to shut down. I sit up all night with no sleep knowing this is happing to her. I don't want anyone to go through the pain I am. how would you feel if your bestfriend is dieing? No good.  So please, eat. Just eat healtier with better porportions and balence it out with excersize. please. thank you ,thats all.


Why Can't

 Someone be there for me once.  I have feelings too...


Thank you Witty

because of you I now look at myself  in the mirror and think "I am beautiful"


Dear "His" next "Her"

Here's some things you should know.
-He loves playing baseball with you and will always let you win, but when he's out on the field he will dominate everyone.
-He's awful at basketball, play it with him
-He'll be the biggest flirt with you, but don't worry because he will flirt ONLY with you.
-I taught him how to be romantic and a good boyfriend, I was his first.  but if there is something you want to change he'll do it just for you
-He doesn't wear cologne, get use to it
-He likes going on walks thru his neighborhood and pretty much the only thing you guys will ever do
-He is painfully shy because of his past, don't get mad at him if he can't keep up a conversation
-He asks what you did that day and how you feel because he wants you to ask him
-He will make you number one in his life, make him your number one too
-He likes to fish, go fishing together he thinks its cute seeing girls fish
-He likes playing with airsoft guns and will ask you to play with them too, go along with it, it will make his day
-He will be prude in the beginning, let him warm up before you guys start holding hands and kissing
- He's an early bird and will text you "good morning" at 9 in the morning. I'd advice you to put your phone on silent.
- He likes it better when you chat/text him first. but that doesn't mean he will never start the conversation first
- He's going to be the first one to call you on your birthday, no competition
-Your friends are going to love him, don't worry about that. A friend of yours is a friend of his
-He DOES NOT want you to touch his hair and hates it when you call it Justin Bieber hair
-if you say your cold, he won't care he'll tell you to man up. so don't try that one on him
-I'm still hopelessly in love with him, I hope you don't screw up like I did.

Notice something different?


Check this out!

if you click  shift 3 while faving this quote a computerized fish will swim across your screen!


Because the other girl isn't doing it...

comment on this (to make is easier) with your name & I'll tell you what boy would sound good with your name.


I want a witty Friend...
someone to talk to,
text, skype, add on facebook, someone who will call me, problems too, and someone to always be there when no one else is.

I'm 14, live in florida, a cheerleader, very outgoing, and has a passion for writing, eating ;), and boys! haha I'd read the quote  below this and my discription on my profile before you want to be friends.  Just saying,♥

I need a witty best friend,

I want a witty Friend...
someone to talk to,
text, skype, add on facebook someone who will call me, problems too, and someone to always be there when no one else is.
This format is over used and annoying
And so is is in a relationship with this one 
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but, together it makes me want to punch you in the face. Like I just did to myself.