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love me or hate me, its never gonna break me...

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"And the tears come streaming down your face,
When you lose something you can't replace,
When you love someone but it goes to waste,
Could it be worse?"
~fix you/coldplay

I loved him so much and all we went through is nothing now..i never thought this would happen </3
i never thought i could meet someone so amazing as you <3
~March 23rd
heartakes and mistakes, how many hits can a good girl take ?!
l • e • o: wild in bed

great talker, sexy and passionate, laid back,confident not concieded, knows how to have fun, is really good at a lot, great kisser, unpredictable, outgoing, down to earth, loyal, addictive, attractive, loud, loves being in long relationships, talkative, not one to mess with, rare to find, great when found && 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost!
I want to be the one girl who makes the player quit his game..

If you ask me how I'm doin I would say I'm doin just fine.. I would lie and say that you're not on my mind </3

You had to go I understand
  But you promised you'd be back again
  And so I wander around this town
'Til summer comes around..

90% of people marry their

7th-12th grade love ♥

Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight.

IF you don’t repost this, your worst week starts now...

that girl with the fake smile.. is the one who has been hurting for a while... </3