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R.I.P MJ :(

Quotes by xxjefxx05

Why is it that everytime *
i fall for someone, they always fall for
my best friend </3

*I wonder if he misses
me too when im absent.. <3


t's back to where i started *
we're just friends. and everyday i see
you in the hallway i wish we could be more.
i hate the feeling i get when i remember
that you have a girlfriend. and i wonder
if sometimes you wish i could replace her..

e v e r y  e  
you smile, i smile
and everytime you shine
i'll shine foyou (:

My Heart Is Confusing *
it tells me i want to be your best friend ..
but i still cant help loving you
Neeto know *
   i f  y o u r  l e t t i n g  g o ..
I t's gotten to the point where..
venting on wittyisn't even enough.
Ooh, I wanna fight with you *
tear up the sky with you. ♥ you're much better :)
And i'vlost who i am *
and I can't understand; why my heart is so broken,
rejecting your love, without love gone wrong,
lifeless words carry on, all i know, all i know,
                is the ends beginning.

want to love you. *
-x-           ( pretty young thing )          -x-
p.y.t xD