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Quotes by xxjessaboxx

Family Faces.
Are magical mirrors.
Looking at people
who belong to us.

We see the Past.
And Future.

"Where did my summer go?"
|||||||||||||||||||||||| Favorite this if your summer went too by fast & you wish it wasn't over. ♥


"School prepares you for the real world"
-Which also sucks too.



not mine :)

I thought of you today,

but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
and days before that too.
I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and a picture in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake,
from which I'll never part.
God has you in his arms.
I have you in my heart.
Favorite if someone you miss is in heaven.

I miss you grandma :(

>> Losing Someone <<

(Feels like a dream),

But it your worst nightmare.

When I do something I usually
don't do it feels like a dream.

August 4th
Jersey Shore.

You have allowed your friends
to die for you,
rather then face me yourself.
-Lord Voldemort

"Harry Potter &  the Deathly Hallows, Part 2"


We  Only Have  Good byes
>>"Because we invented new Hellos."


Love ♥                                               is w
hen you're to                                gether you ar
e wishing it would                      never end cuz you
want to be by their s                ide no matter what. Y
ou can  say  anything no        t  mean it   at all say i'm
sorry   and   he   won't care.  You can  wear your slo
ppies  clothes  and  he'll  say  "baby you  look pret
ty  to  me".  You  can  be sick with a fever of  a
nd he will be by your side taking care of you ev
en if it means risking getting sick. When some
one you love passes away he doesnt care
how many times you call him since your s
tressed. Even if you get jelous and an
gry hes right there saying "its gonna
be  ok"  Knowing the hug and sa
ying  "I'm  sorry"  will  make thi
ngs right again You put up w
ith him when hes being a
pain  in the butt and s
ame when you ar
e. Love never
fails  or  gi
ves u

not mine, got it off google. ♥