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In case you couldn't tell, I love Disney.
 One day I hope to fly away with Peterpan to Neverland. ♥
I wish I could have met Dr. Suess and Walt Disney.
I am a dreamer.
Blonde and live up to it.
Crying isn't hard for me.
I hate reality.
I believe in true love.
I wish I lived in a fairytale, where the villain is easy to spot.
Where good always wins.
My dreams replay all of our times together.
I've made up my mind. Guys are Jackass.
But as soon as I start to fall for someone
I fall hard, and always end up hurt.
I'm afraid to like this guy,
I think he likes me back,
But that's what I've thought
about all the other guys.
Fairytales and Disney are my escape.
I wish I had never grown up.
Life is a crazy short ride, so enjoy it while it lasts.
I may seem like I have it all together but inside I'm dying.

Apparently I have very high levels of seasonal afective disorder and high levels of cyclothymia.
I hate fakes.
My life=

Fudge. Gummy bears. Frosting.
Giraffes. Kitties. Fishy.
Water. Stars. Rain.
Grass. Sun. Lightning.
Slight breeze. Ocean spray.
Going Up-Side-Down. Cameras.
Real smiles. Giggles. Friends.
Hugs. Love. Him.
I doubt you read this whole thing.If you did you officially are awesome (or bored) enough to check out Whisperkiss.
Thanks all you girls.
You make me want to live on.

No sleep, just weep. I'm down in the deep, it's you I hope to keep.

Quotes by xxjewlzxx

How innocent she died;
Hang her an epitaph upon her tomb,
And sing it to her bones: sing it to-night.
Yet bend not all harm upon yourself;
Make those that do offend you suffer too.

Antonio - Much Ado About Nothing

Give not me counsel;
Nor let no comforter delight mine ear
But such a one whose wrongs do suit with mine.

Leonato - Much Ado About Nothing
I had not seen you in what seemed like forever 
but was really only a short while 
Your arms stretched out to greet me, arms ending never
almost as wide as your arms was your smile
And you'll always brighten mine

It felt like returning  home inside your embrace
I was still short and you were still too tall
My head close to your chest I could not see your face
Rocking back and forth,  if only I could stall
To keep your heart close to mine

We talk about my school and yours, trying to small talk 
But it would be fine  just sitting together
We both know it won't last and soon, away you walk
I hope you know I would wait through all weather
If only to call you mine
P lease just say it
E ven if you're scared to 
R ight now is your chance
F orget everything,in this moment
E verything could fall into place
C reate a memory to last forever
T ake the chance 
its been a while since the last time....
and no one would even notice if I got up and left.
they tell you it will turn out alright
but they don't hear the voices at night
the ones that say you're living a lie
you might as well give up and go
you look in the mirror and cry out in fear
you wish you could end this pain and be dead
they scream in your ear and you try not to hear
those terrible voices inside your head.
why do I always end up having a terrible time, even when I'm with my best friends?