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I don't know the deffinition of impossible.

Quotes by xxjonasmidemlenaxx

Love is stupid, I'd much rather fall head                                  over heels into c h o c o l a t e .


Love: a wildy misunderstood, although highly desiarble malfuncation of the heart which [ weakens the brain ], causes eyes to s p a r k l e , cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.
                     and isn't it funny;

                              how people only notice the bad things you do.
                              they  only  seem  to  care  about what you did 
                              wrong,   or   how   you  messed  up  this  time. 
                              everyone   finds  it  so  easy  to  tell  you  what 
                              your  doing  wrong,  but  not  so  easy  to  say
                              thank  you  once  and  a  while.  no  one  ever 
                              notices    when    you   do    something    nice, 
                             just     something     out     of     the    ordinary. 
                             something    that    you    weren't    asked   to
                             do,    just    something    that   will   help.   no 
                             one    seems    to    care    about    that   stuff.
                             or    even    take    the   half   a   second   out 
                             of   their   life   to   realize    that    you    even 
                            did      something.      everyone     seems     to
                            be   able   to   yell   and    nag  , but    not   so 
                            much  to    be    able     to    take    a    minute
                           and go say  *(----->   
t h a n k you.
*not my fade,
should be bigger, but it got messed up.

&+ how is it
that my face stays clear all summer, but
a day before school start, [ i break out ]

     *that is so  funny.
 you look exactly like my next boyfriend!

at the point where you
| run into your room crying. where you lay
| on your bed, your
head nestled in your arms,
| ->bauling out tears<- at the point where your
| eyes are all red, and( your
head hurts from )
| the  
pain.  at  the  point  where  you  just  want
| to  get  away  and  [leave   reality].  thats  the
| point        where       you know      everythings
n o t  a l r i g h t.


what i try to do in my spare time.

[ be back later ]

It's kinda indescribable
   that feeling you get when you’re watching a movie
   and  then  that  scene  comes  when the  romantic,
   amazing looking, sweet guy kisses the girl. it’s just
   a magical thing. and you sit there wishing that the
   girl being kissed was you. and that the guy was in
   love with you. and you can’t describe it but its just
some kind of  perfect.
         theres a little wtf in every week         
the jonas brothers should all be in jail,
because it should be
illegal to be that amazing.