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Quotes by xxjuliarocksit556xx

If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up to this point. You have survived heartbreak, traumas, devistation, the different phases of life. 
And here you are.
You go girl / bro.
You are awesome. 


           Well, the holidays are over.
Now who's ready for summer?

British accent: Justin Biebah
American: Justin Biebur
Australian: Jastin Beybah
You just tried out all of the
accents, didn't you?


Why do we close our eyes 
When we pray?
When we cry?
Or when we kiss?
Because we know that the most beautiful things are not seen,
but felt in the heart.


Teacher: Where's your homework?
Me: I lost it fighting this kid who said you weren't the best
teacher in the school.

Best excuse ever.
Rules for texting a girl:
1. Don't take 40 minutes to reply
2. Use good grammer
3. Ask questions
4. Use the :) face
I wonder how a boy feels when he's in love.
Do they get butterflies?Do they have you on
their mind 24/7?Do they wait for you to come
online for hours?Do they smile at random
times at the thought of you?Do they miss you
all the time?Do they think about the smallest
things you say?

Every three seconds, a person commits suicide.
Do you know the meaning of this phrase?
Every three seconds, a heart stops beating.
Every three seconds, a dream turns into powder.
Every three seconds, a person gives their last sigh and says, "I'm done."
Three seconds make a mother blame herself for eternity.
Three seconds are between love and hate, love and dependency.
So toady, I write for the people that have already gone to the limit.
That have almost given up.
I dedicate this to all whom for a little bit didn't pain turn into craziness,
That dropped the knife and the pills on the last second.
That didn't pull the trigger.

That were able to look through the blurry eyes and see a reason to smile again.

That awkward moment when
you realize that every house has a particular smell,
But you can't smell the one at your house.

.....and maybe it's true
                                                         that I can't live without you.