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Quotes by xxjuliarocksit556xx

id you know..

that you can't hum with your nose closed?

I know a song
that gets on everybody's nerves
everybody's nerves
everybody's nerves
I know a song
that gets on everybody's nerves

and this is how it goes.. 

That guy in Lilo & Stitch
Who always drops his ice cream 

I don't understand how
Greenland has ice on it
and Iceland doesn't 

Anyone else? 

Telling someone you love them

Is like explaining what water tastes like 

Favorite this quote
if you ever
   felt like
you weren't good enough.

Even if you ever did, but you just dont want to favorite it, just know that your not alone.

Putting some of your dinner in a napkin
so it looked like you ate it

I feel the need to throw lamps at people 
who need to lighten up. 

The awkward moment
when you look on the first question of a test and think,
"Yup, i'm screwed"

Someone needs a happy meal... 

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