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Quotes by xxka_razieexx

Grab your Phone.

What kind is your phone?
samsung propelll

Whos the first person to come up under the letter M?

Whos the last person you called?

Who was your last missed call from?

Who is the 2nd person to come up under D?


Whos the third person who comes up under J?

Who was your last received call from?

What do you have as your background.
me&melisss apple picking lmao

Whos the 5th message in your inbox from?

Whos the first person who comes up under B?

How many bars of signal do you currently have there?e.

Who was your last message from?

Who is the first name in your phone book?

Who is the last person in your phonebook?

Whos the 5th person under A?

Who is the ninth person on your missed call list

What does the 6th message on your outbox say?
and now shes dating justin, and i hate that audrina likes him still.
who needs a  guy  .w.h.e.n.
you've already got
your daddy<3
& everything I need is right here by my side.©
&* these days,
people are always looking,
--->but never really seeing<---
:next time you don't know which hollister shirt to wear,
:remember the kids who don't have more than 1 shirt.
:next time you say there's "no food in the house",
:remember the kids that only get to eat once a week.
:next time you can't decide which wii game to play,
:remember the kids that have to play with dirt for fun.
:next time you want a new ipod because yours got scratched,
:remember the kids who can't afford ipods.
:next time you get mad at your mom or dad,
:remember the kids that don't have one.
:next time you complain your house is too small,
:remember the kids who live in cardboard boxes.
:next time you whine about how your hair looks bad,
:remember the kids with cancer that have no hair.
:appreciate what you have, because in a split second,
'--------------------------------------->it could all be gone.
The Truth About The Truth?
[(it hurts so we .l.i.e.)]
don't you even try to rain
on my .p.a.r.a.d.e.
i'll just stop & dance in it (=
on this perfect day,
[[nothings standing in my way]]
don't go away again,
i wanna be more than
[[a story to tell your friends]]