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i love my frends alwayz nd foreva

Quotes by xxkaypxx625

steve kate(meh) and gia playin hid n seek
steve:under all the clothes his face in da trsh can
kate(meh)and gia:laughing
steve:omg the trashcann is full of dirty ****
ppl shud love u or hoo u r
not for some1 ur not

im me 4 more
abcdefg gummi bears r chasin meh 1 is red 1 is blue the yellow 1 just ate my shoe when i cateh dem ill get rite baq 2 u
friends are people who care about you
good friends are people who will love you for ever but
bestfriends are the 1s alwayz by your side alwayz nd forever
school:where kids go to learn
school:where kids don't like 2 go
home:where kids love 2 be
home:where kids dont have 2 learn
u:u get the point im in skool
holdin ur hand
tryin 2 kiss
i guess im
the only girl who wont get diz

100 percent meh
gia:opens closet door nope no kate
kate(meh):on top shelf
gia:opens closet door real fast again omg kate!