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those really simple things I love:
-When anyone texts me first
-Singing in the shower and feeling like I should be famous by now
-Those fiery red sunsets. I want to go out with a bang like that too.
-Those smiles you give your friends when they're across the room.
-Amazing books.
-Uncontrollable laughter.
-Those late night talks you have with your friends where everything just comes out naturally and you know they won't tell a soul.
-Dancing in the rain.
-Cute old couples that you know have been together forever.
-The warm feeling you get when someone says "You just made my day!"
-Smiling in the faces of those who hurt you.
-The smell of coffee on a rainy morning.
-The days when all my friends are in a good mood, and we don't care what anyone thinks of us because we're having fun.

anyone else?


&Here's to the girls,
who got their heart broken even though they never even dated him.



Hugging is good medicene.
It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift. You need four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth. Scientists say that hugging is a form of communication because it can say things you don't have the words for. And the nicest thing about a hug is that you usually can't give one without getting one. 

Things I do when I'm home alone:
1. Turn on all the lights
2. Go on the Internet for as long as I want
3.Put on the T.V. for background noise
4. Sing out loud
5.Turn my music up as loud as it can go
6. Change in the middle of the house
7. Talk to my pets and inanimate objects
8.Eat whatever I want

Anyone else?


You better put on a condom,
if your gonna act like a dick you need to dress like one too. 
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&No matter who broke 

broke your heart, or how long it takes
to heal,
♥ you'll never get through it

without your friends.


the perfect boyfriend;

tickle fights. late night phone calls. kisses in the rain. his sweater. comforts you when your upset. ignores your mistakes. always forgives you no matter what. barely ever gets mad at you. chooses you over his friends. always wants you to have a good time. inside jokes. no secrets. tells you your beautiful. does everything in his power to make you happy. sings to you no matter how bad his voice may be. gives you small presents even if they're drawings he made himself. sends you extremely cute text messages. is friends with your friends. does what you want to do. gets along great with your parents. goofs around with you. tells you he loves you. { }

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