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Quotes by xxleavemealonexx

You're such a gorgeous nightmare.

Old habits never seem to go away.

You make me feel brand new, yeah

We resurrect, it's like I've come back to life.


So I will fight my battle 'till I fall
and we conquer them all.
We will conquer them alll <3
-ETF <3

The people on Jackass must be extremely stupid to do all those stunts.

I totally respect them :)

I don't have an attitude until someone says I have one.

Don't you wish
some dreams

would be true?
Like the one of
--->Me & You?<---

  Don't Forget  

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”
 --Phil Donahue

Think again about committing suicide. If you take your life away, you take it away from the people who love you. Don't hurt them too. There are people who need you in life, even if it doesn't seem like it.

Enjoy life, because you only have ONE CHANCE.


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 One final fight, for this, tonight 

 ......with knives and pens we make our plight......


<333 Black Veil Brides<333

.....I hate her.....

She can go f.uck a goat

poor goat :(