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Hi my names Emilee
Im 15
Im currently in a relationship with Jason:D
:* talk to me
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Quotes by xxleeleexoo2

___Once upon a time in this small little town____

x-x-x-The  happiest girl  began to frown-x-x-x  

the background on his phone with
heart as the caption,
I wanna say im cold just so i get his
I wanna mean something
to him not just "another girl" but most
importantly I just wanna be


Im pretty sure this is mine so please
dont take (if not then sorry if
i took it i thought of it randomly.)

im pretty sure this is mine soooo  

                                                          I Miss The;
 The late night phone calls 
The random hugs from behind the waist
That smile he would give me in dead silence 
The random text messages saying " I love you
The feeling I would get when he hold me for hours
The inside jokes we had that no one but us understood
& I miss how I used to be happy
with him.

not mine.

I read quotes on here
that start like
////we were best friends,now i like him////
So i started to wonder,
[[[[every girl falls for there guy best friend]]]]
i think its because
they've been there from the start
they took a role in your life
you can be yourself around them
they know what you look like with out make up
without your hair straighten
they know you.
And guess what
I think
I fell for him too


you might be crazy but have i told you lately 
that love you 
you're the only reason why i'm not afraid to fly.
&its crazy that someone could change me.
now no matter what it is i have to do i'm not afraid
to try.& you need to know that
you're the reason why. 


umm no thanks....
my mom told me that putting
small things in my mouth 
-->causes choking<--