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Quotes by xxlillybabiixx

imagen tht ur a thousand miles away nd there were no automobiles to get to u well i would walk just to
see yuh beautiful face
your the one who makes me put those lil hearts on my paper
i wanna be the one u point at and say yea thats her *
dont ever frown cuz u never no who is in * LoVe *
wit ur smile *
i miss the days u actually loved me
i sit on this comp. for 24 hours waiting for ur s/n to pop up so i could talk to u but u just say go away ur unliked now tht makes my whole day ruined !!!!!!!!

i just wish u would notice

( put the ruined in bold nd go away italic )
booty shakin
heart breakin
madd hott
never stop
short skirt
luv to flirt
tight jeans
very mean
high class
nice a**
shakin thys
candy eyes
lucious lips
killer kiss

tell me if u can handle this so with an x nd with an o i'm out like whoa
wen i am in the hallway nd i talk to u , u say go away i dont like u then wen i walk away like u say the nxt minute u pull my arm nd say i luv u never leave me
wen u talk to me it seems like u r talking to the plain white wall !!!
going to pick out my fav. pj's to wear to bed cause u never no who u will meet

in ur dreams *****