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Hello Beautiful. 

Jola's the name.
In love with him since O6|O6|1O.<3
Chocolate is my life.

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Quotes by xxlovezzyouuxx

  A            thousand            lies
  have  made  me  colder
   and   I   don't    think  
  I can look at this
  the  same.

It hurts,
 but i never show this pain you'll never know.

An emotional girl in her own world. 
Can't even see the things she's missing.


I saw her again today
I tried smiling at her, but she just looked away
I regret doing everything I did to hurt her
I know she wouldn’t want me now
She’s the only thing on my mind
I was stupid and naive, it shouldn’t have ended
I wish I could tell her:
how much i need her.


I saw him again today
He looks so happy
It hurts to know that I use to call him mine
I wish I still could call him mine
He’s all i ever think about
I know it shouldn’t have ended this way
I wish he knew:
how much i miss him.


I love you Geovanny with all my heart.
Even though it's torn apart.
You left me so broken and dry,
For Diane who left you to die.

My features might not be as colourful and bright.
But I have a heart that shines.
I would swim in the deep ocean far and wide,
To prove that my love for you is deep and hard like the ocean's tide.

I try to reach out to you several times,
As you keep your distance and pretend to be shy.
Even though there are other fishes in the sea,
I want the net to catch you and me.
I will continue to feed you day and night,
As you continue to think of Diane as your light. 

I hate all these things I'm causing us.
I just can't control my jealousy.
I don't care if you're just friends, please stop.
I cry myself to sleep everynight and you just keep messing up.
I promise you I wouldn't cut, I'm sorry for breaking that promise.
But I guess we're even because you promised me you would at least try.
I don't see you trying.
You say you love me yet you don't show it.
You go flirting with whatever girl is in front of you.
You've cheated and lied so many times and i forgave you.
Everyone is asking me why I'm still with you.. truth is I dont know..
I feel like you're with me because you feel bad.
I hate this.

Am I not good enough?.


Addicted to the pain.

You know what I realized? 
My cuts get deeper and deeper everytime..
New cuts for everytime you hurt me.

My left arm is full of scars, I can't even stand it.
It's all for you.