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Quotes by xxlovinglifeee123xx


I miss you..
Me too, and I wish that you were here. Or that I was there. Or that we were together, anywhere.



  What do you do ,
W   h    e     n          y    o   u          l      e    t        h    i      m        s     l     i      p         a      w     a     y       ? 


I know I sort of pushed you away,
But even if I hadn't, I doubt you would have stayed.

No second choice;

You either choose me

o r   l o s e  m e. 

I don't think people change,
They just show us a side of them
we haven't seen before


In  that moment;
I   swear    we    were    un stoppable

But if we loved again,
I swear i'd love you

S       o         m       e         t            i            m          e         s             d      o          i          n       g                 w        h       a      t                   y     o        u
w    a       n        t      ;
Isn't always the right thing to do

Always the savor ;
Never the saved
When is it my turn?