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The names Megan. I'm completly off my rocker, and i have a lot of issue bottled up. I'm completely abnormal for my age group and could care less about prom. My hair is never perfect, and i never put on make-up. I don't dress up for school, and i don't try to impress boys. I'm and most, blunt and outspoken person you'll ever get to know, but i don't come off anywhere near that. My heart is way to big and i care way too much. I'll always lecture everyone else on forgiveness, but one wrong turn and i'll cut you off forever. I'm completely gaurded and make more mistakes than i care to admit. 

I'm abnormal, but i'm okay with that.

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My heart was shattered

but the pieces were picked up

and eventually put back together

now i'm stronger than even so 

WATCH OUT sucker!

Is it bad that i might have a crush on my friends ex-boyfriend?

He is my best friend. Like i'm not even joking between all of my friends (guy or girl) he is the closest one i have. 

He thinks the same way, has the same sense of humor, and can tell when i'm lying to him. He thinks i'm this perfect angel who can do know wrong, and he stops by in the dead of night to play frizbee with me (which he is teaching how to be good at). He calls me and talks  to me from hours on end, and if i ask him to get me icecream, he does, no matter what.

I tried really hard to stop myself from liking him. but i couldn't.

It's not fair that the good guys are always taken, gay, or complicated.
I love my friends 
but sometimes i just need to get away
away from all the drama and away from the problems that i have to fix
my heart is too big and i know everybody says that but for me its really true
i help EVERYBODY but i dont help myself

I'm the one with no feelings, nothing gets to me
but to be honest EVERYTHING gets to me the same way it gets to them
i just know how to hide it better.
im smart
im gaurded
im closed

In the security of my room i'm a young girl who needs to vent
on witty i'm a mush and even fragile
in public i''m the cheerest and most helpful girl you will ever meet
i smile
i nod 
i laugh

but on the inside im the completey opposite 
i cry
i shake
i fight

sometimes i wish that i chose a different path,
i would love to be secluded and completely alone 
my friends love to party and be surrounded be the fakest people you will ever meet

i'm different from them 

and regrettably society doesn't accept that
Repost this if you love your dad. If you don't he'll die in 12 days.
How is it possible that a seventeen year old girl is more mature than half of her family? 

How can one be so different from those they grew up with?

Why is it that people grow up too fast?

Why do we put up walls to keep people out?

None of these questions have a clear answer, and i'm sorry to tell you this but they never will. The answers all depend on the person answering them. My answers would be 

-A seventeen year old girl can be more mature becaise she had seen more, or has learned the deeper meanings of her parents teachings, not just the bland version of them.
-Growing up with someone doesn't mean that you react the same to certain situations. Ultimately your reactions to problems make you who you are, which makes everyone so different.
-Growing up to fast os a part of life, almost nobody can stay a child forever, the ones who deserve to be innocent are normally the ones who learn quicker, and therefore grow up quicker.
-I don't believe the walls are put up to keep people out, but merely to keep ones emotions in. Most of the time this is a normal response to trama or even just losing your innocence.

I'm sorry if those answers could not help anyone, but more can be explained when you search inside youself, for life is a
shade of grays.
 You know the saying "you don't know what you have until its gone" ?
Well some people don't know what they have even after its gone, 
and they let what other people say affect what they think, 
and they tell the lies that those people told them.
I honestly have more respect for those people then i do the people who start the lies because,


------------------alll mineeee
sorryy venting tell me what you think <3
 SoMeTiMeS i HoNeStLy WoNdEr WhAt ThOsE gUyS wHo SaY tHeY aReN't LiKe ThE rEsT oF tHeM, i WaNt To KnOw WhAt ThEy ArE lOoKiNg FoR.?
 --> I'm on the side of the girls who know not to
judge other people by the cover

--> i'm on the side of those girls who might not get their guy who might get stabbed in the back but they don't hate anyone because they now better then to hate someone they know nothing about. <---

--> i'm on their side because i wish i was that brave.<------

--> i wish i was brave enough to wear my heart on my sleeve and trust people openly <---

--> i wish i was brave enough to get to know someone no matter what their 'rep' is <----

--> But the truth is i'm not and i will never
be that girl but i commend the girls
who are stronger then me <--