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Hello Gorgeous.♥
i'm Lauren. c: i love softball. i am a hardcore marching band nerd. i don't have a favorite color. i have an awkward obsession with tacos. idek. my laugh is funnier than the jokes i tell. i think i'm hilarious. your argument is invalid.  i am instagram obsessed. @laur_rawrr. i like writing.. a lot, but i never let other people read it bc i'm insecure about it. i like being different. i have more favorite books than i have friends. i am music obsessed &just a flat out mess. xD
i'll always listen, so if you need to talk, i'm here.  
i was at the Taylor Swift concert on June 18, 2011.♥
i touched Jack Barakat's hand at the All Time Low concert on August 26, 2011.♥
i saw Anarbor, The Downtown Fiction, We The Kings, &Mayday Parade live on March 3rd.♥
Nickelback on April 25, 2012 was amazing.♥
on May 22, 2012 i saw He Is We at the alter bar.♥
i crowd surfed at Warped Tour on July 12, 2012.♥
that day i also met We The Kings.♥
August 6th, 2012 i met Alex DeLeon from the The Cab at their concert with Parachute.♥
April 20, 2013 i saw All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Mayday Parade, &You Me At Six.<3
Taylor Swift's Red tour was perfect.<3
Rocked out at House Party Tour.<3 

^i have totally forgot to include half of the concerts, but yeah.^

Love Is Louder Than The Pressure To Be Perfect.♥

all time low.avenged sevenfold.a day to remember.boys like girls.the misfits.nevershoutnever.mayday parade.my chemical romance.the cab.green day.three days grace.fall out boy.three doors down.system of a down.breaking benjamin.seether.linkin park.acdc.kiss.papa roach.jimmy eat world.trapt.skillet.the maine.we the kings.demi lovato.taylor swift.he is we.avril lavigne.paramore.bowling for soup.blink 182.hey monday.simple plan.we are the in crowd.artic monkeys.red jumpsuit apparatus.safety suit.flyleaf.evenescence.shinedown.the new regime.the offspring.daughtry.aerosmith.king the kid.30 seconds to mars.a rocket to the moon.&a lot more i'm too lazy to type.
I currently am in recovery from suicide attempts, depression, & anxiety disorders.

Quotes by xxnevershoutnever


where did we go wrong?more importantly, why are you gone?


i don't understand
how you don't want to try 
to get the friendship back 
that used to mean 
everything to us.


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two broken people


the worst mistake that you can make is to walk
away from the one who stood by your side.

say my name hers in the same
in  the  same  breath .                   i  dare  you  to  say                                      they  taste  the  same.