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Quotes by xxomiaLOVE

Do you wanna know the truth about "the truth"
it hurts .. so we lie
you broke his heart girl
you say you've moved on
but everytime you see him
you want to hold on
he loved you girlyou think of the past
and how things used to be
& then day he said "how could u do this to me?"
more than you'll ever know
&& thats whats keeping you from letting go
mom comes home
water on the floor
runs to the bathroom
breaks down the door
water tinted red
how could this be
she looks at the mirror
it read "you did this to me"
the first cut is the deepest
the last cut is your death
&& love has done nothing but leave another scar on her arm
she tries so much to hide them she thinks it means no harm
but one day its going to lead her too far &
she didn't know i'd be her last scar
its not only the wrist, its on the ankles and thighs
she turns off the lights and she heavily cries
dark thick make up, hairs in face cause her lifes been a lie
tonight you watch as this girl slowly dies
ts not just a cut, she knows that it bleeded
but its no mistake if it's always repeated
another scar another day
it seems the pain won't go away
he hears her cries, her silent sighs
a few tears and heartbreaking goodbyes
as he turns away, she slowly dies