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its beth.
i love zombies. :] !!!
im in the best relationship of the whole entire earth right now.
my favortie colors are purple red and black.
<<my favorite animal is dinasours. >>
im a dreamer.
talk to me if you wish, Caronnalite76 (aim) 
[[living life]] is what i do.
i love stealing mail boxes and tipping porta potties with nicholas.
ART, its what i do.
snowboarding is another thing. (burton! WOO!)
i cant live with out my ipod/music.
i have a myspace. check me out.
i love you.
thanks for everything! 
peace out talk to me sometime
once you get to know me you will love me
im an addiction like herion

Quotes by xxsoccerxx101

I Love You
Pluto and Back.
Do You ever get the feeling? 
after you kiss him.
c. a. n. t
breathe. ? 
I love you
You Love Me
Im affriad to loose you
im loosing you.
ive lost you.

Im ¿Confused, ?
with you.
one day your my friend»
the Next your my enimy that comes out at the worst time possible.
its like you hate me but then love me.
this Love/Hate relationship.
not so good.
soo i ware a huge sweat shirt that used to be my brothers..
and so now im from the soup kitchen.
I know what them girls like.

Are You Sure Bout That Ludacris? 

So now im Invisable?


`VENTING, sorry. credit please? thankss


~hahah one of my favorite words.

ehhh its ok, i dont really like it,
~~ comment, rate~~~~ 
Me:Sooo, did you get a chance to talk to him today.
Friend: noo, not today, did you.
Me: i wasnt in school today..
Friend: oh rightt.

haha i love this girl so much! 
the only pain the derserves to be felt,
if the other person is feeling it too.