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"You cant have a better tomorrow if 
you dont stop thinking about

Hi, my name is Lauren Sophia..
I love my puppy, obssesed with youtubers,
Demi Lovato and love glee.
oh..And i'm mentally dating Joey Graceffa

I have gone through tough times in my life 
over this past summer but i know now everything
will get better.
because.. " you don't get to choose
if you get hurt in this world, but you do
have some say in who hurts you" 

If you ever need to talk I'm always here!

Shoot Girl! May the odds be ever in your 

if you know what youtuber says that, we can 
fangirl together ;)
- Lauren 


Quotes by xxsophia_lovexx

   I have never cried so much before..
Thank you
Cory for being such a big part of Glee,
and my
biggest hero...
So i'll miss you Finn, but never forget you..
Glee just won't be the same..
So I'm Sticking with my glee family after all losing our
because "the hardest word to say is goodbye..."
Cory Monteith 
why do people that lie and cheat get to be happy while we are sitting at home
crying. feeling like shxt and unhappy.
why do they get to be in love again and be in relationships
after all the horrible things he did to me
and i'm shxt full out of luck.
please explain why life treats us like this...  

 why do we let people who hurt us
continue to ruin our lives....


We all have that person who hurt us. lied to us. Made us feel like absolute
shxt..but we still continue to let them win and make us 
feel like we are nothing when 
in reality we need to forget those who forgot about us and start 
living our lives..and just wait for their 

karma to come.

 Cause these words are knives, and
often leave scars, the fear of falling apart, 
and truth be told i never was yours....

*laying on the couch with my drink on the table right next to me* 
Mom : *upstairs doing work* ....what do you need dear? 
Me: can you hand me my drink on the table right there?
Mom : You are so lazy...i'm unowning you now..
Me : i'll remember this moment when you're older and need your cream of wheat.cause guess what....I WON'T GET IT. muahahaha love you ^_^


Any one else plot their teachers murder
during class...
or is it just me...


 Anyone else heard of and in love with
their my life... 

When you're walking down the hallway  
with your friend singing  a 90's love song, twerking 
and you realize the school's
disciplinarian is behind you laughing..
oh well ..  ;D

As i learned the hard way this summer. Life sucks sometimes.
But if i can tell you one thing. NEVER give up. 
Things always get better, even if it seems like your life is over..
Find something that makes you happy, for me it was YouTube..but also...
Go out and make something of yourself
don't worry about a silly boy hurting you because now you 
can focus on what's really important. 
Don't care about what others think about you
Laugh all night long with friends
Change your hair, get a piercing.Do something you never
thought you would do. 
There is no reason to sit back and feel upset over a boy who lied, cheated
or broke your heart because he doesn't matter or for whatever reason that 
you are sitting in your room upset over..
YOU can be happy again, i promise. 

" You need to learn to let go of whatever it is that makes you think you're
not good enough. Because that's how you're gonna beat this. 
When you learn that you matter" 

will i ever be happy again? 
After i just lost half of who i was?
i feel like my life is over...