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xxstucklikeglueox's Favorite Quotes

Every girl
has that one deep dark secret she can't even tell her best friend because if anyone else found out, her entire life would change.
Fave if you get it

» And To Think..
I Actually Trusted You. «


You talk to me like everything is okay
E v e n th o u g h  n oth in g  r e a lly  is ♥

I just want what's best for you,
&that girl who says
I love him.'
&I hope she's everything to you,

that obviously I wasn't.

[ ]

Roses are red,
quit trying to act cool;
calling a girl you dated gross
makes you look like a tool.


At some point, you have to realize some people can stay in your
but not in your life.

You didn't only
Shatter our relationship, you also shattered
My Heart.♥

Always remember me when i

walk out of your life.