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Hello :). Angelica here. (OoOoOh. she reveals her name!) Okay so I am a huge Twilight Fan. Obviously. I absolutley love Jasper Hale. I am on "Team Edward" but that doesn't mean I hate Jake. He's the best friend ever. I love reading stories on fanfiction.com  some of those stories are so amazing. I have my own account. I'm workng on a story actually. click on the name and read the adventure.
I update my witty almost everyday with News, funny pictures, cute pitures, anything Twilight that ifind worth sharing with the world.

If you love Twilight then comment me :)
I'd love to be your friend. Come on. Leave me a comment. I don't bite :)
P.S. If you hate Twilight don't comment me. I love Twilight, you don't. I hardly care about your opinions.

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Haven't been on this in forever
April 23,
I'm baaaack ;)
Now that Eclipse is nearing I figured I'd come back and crank out some quotes.
January 9,
Hey! So I've been thinking. If you like my layout and want one, with a different picture of course ;P   well I'm willing to make some. It would haveto be the same formating since thats the only one I can do. But I can change the picture, background color, and headers. SO yeah. Comment and ask for one :)
January 7,
You know what's funny? Well as some of you might know, I have a normal account. I think it's so funny when you guys favorite one of my normal quotes or leave a nice comment. Goes to show you never know who's day you can make. :)
January 1 2010,

Here is the link to my favorite of quotes I've ever made. :)
Click me!> 
December 25,
I got 21 packs of New Moon cards for christmas.
November 28,
How do you like my new layout? Everlong helped me with it so if you want an awesome layout i would suggest you go to her. Since I got a New Layout I'm restarting my important news.

Stamps! :)

Icons! :)

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VAMPIRE.png Twilight picture by jelly52995
^ i made that on my own

^lmao i made this on my own


Quotes by xxtwilighterxx

As long as we get to kill some vampires


Go fetch a space heater.
I'm not a St. Bernard.


For the first time in almost a century,
I felt hope.
Eclipse, Jasper Hale

Yeah, I admit it. I am a

Alice prancing, Edward romancing
Emmett hugging, Jessica snubbing
f u t u r e s e e r  ,  s a g a  r e a d e r
Twilight talker , Jasper stalker
[  vampire  ~  accuser  ]    and    a
total twilight loser :]

True friends
go see Twilight
with you

eam Edward?
psht. more like
Team Jasper

Come to the dark side...
We found the Cullens!

Would you shut up,

dammit. These are trade secrets
this chick runs with vampires."


Jacob, I love you.

   You're my bestfriend. But... I can't
   change how I feel. Please don't
   make my chose. Because it'll be
him. It's always been him."


Guess the wolf's out of the bag.