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Quotes by xxxMorganxxx

If just this once you'd think of us i hope your happy with yourself.
Whose going to break your fall?
We don't back down You're going to seem so small
We keep them running for the door.
Just wait, things will come back around. it's too late for them.
They're heading straight for the melt down


I'll climb through your window and i'd whispher that i love you as you fall out of your clothes and maybe in the darkness that dream of you i had i'd captured all the butterflies and knew the time we had would be counted on the finger tips that almost made you cry you let me hold you tightly as we said our goodbyes. and may i say i love you more? 

Maybe If I'd rip your heart at the seams
then you'll know how i feel....

If i die young barry me in sod
lay on a bed of roses
sink me in the river at dawn..
Send me away with the words of a love song...


I just want to bring you down so badly,
in the worst way!
Going to make damn sure that you can't ever leave,
No you'll never get to far from me.
You won't get to far from me.


Taking Back Sunday-Make Damn Sure.

Everybodys watching you now.
Everybody waits for you now
what happens next?
I Dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself
up off the floor I dare you to move,
I dare you to move like today never happend before.
Welcome to fall out
Welcome to excistances the tesion is here.
Between who you are and who you could be.
Between how it is and how is should be..

We are more than this world got to offer. <3

You asked me how long you think i'll  we'll be together...

All i could do is sit there and smile and says...

You sat there smileing cause then you said..I'd die without you baby.

I love my boyfriend. <3

Lying All Alone Wishing You Would Call,
Writing all my thoughts has broken all my bones,
you gave it all up you threw it all away.
Theres nothing i can Do.

Worlds Apart-Silverstien