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Hello Wittians!
I feel kinda uncomfortable typing in these box thingys haha. I guess this is for things about myself? k, cool.
My favorite band is Big Time Rush, my favorite color is red, I'm a California girl, I love the city and the beach, I play piano, I love all types of music except country, and I have a HIM that I think about constantly.
Well, is that enough about me? xD
Thanks for checking out my profile :)

Quotes by xxxdreamerxxx11

I'm bipolar, have OCD, and PTSD . If I ever miss taking one

of my medications I can go into psychosis, where my illness

strikes back ten times worse.

Yesterday, I was all out of medication and my mom couldn't

get it from the pharmacy because we were all

out of money, literally down to like 2 dollars in her account.

We needed 10 dolars for the meds.

We went to the pharmacy to hopefully just get a few pills to

last until the next day when we had money.

The pharmacist asked us why we didn't just get the full

bottles, so we quickly told her our situation.

I consider this lady an angel, because she not only gave us

the meds that I needed, but paid for the ten dollars

for all the bottles.

There is good in this world, we just need to stop taking things

for granted.


The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch

recently announced that all stores are going

to quit selling clothing any size higher than 10

because anybody bigger than that isn't "cool".


I hate how people on youtube say "Like if you're watching this in 2013!"
it's like no, obviously I'm watching this in 156 B.C. on my iStone


I can't even make a straight line while using a ruler
why do people expect so much from me

So I was babysitting yesterday
and the kid wanted to play baseball
with a plastic bat and one of those
big bouncyballs. So we switched
off from hitting and tossing. (Mind you,
this kid is four, and I am female.)
It was his turn to hit, so I tossed it to
him and he hits it pretty hard and
it flies to me and bounces off the top
of my leg, kind of close to my nono
area. It flies off and out of bounds
and I sh/t you not, this kid yells
"OHhhh! I hit you in the b/lls!!!"

That kid is going places.
Maybe not college,
but places.



You, guys, don't know everything that we, girls, do for you. You, guys, don't
know that we, girls, find everything related to you. Lyrics, quotes, movies - everything.
You, guys, don't know that we, girls, could stay up late at night and just wait for you to get online and talk for a while. You, guys,  don't know how we, girls,  feel when you say you've got to go, and the 'Goodbye part' begins.
You, guys, have no ideaof how many fights we, girls, could have had with our parents or friends just to go out or talk to you. You, guys, don't know that we, girls, walk a little faster or take different ways at school just to make it an accidental way to say 'Hi'. You, guys, don't how that we, girls, can talk about you with anyone and not get bored. You, guys, don't know how we, girls, can find lovely and cute every single detail of you.
You, guys, won't ever know how we, girls, feel just when we see you smiling... even if we are not the reason. You, guys, don't know why we, girls, try to hide our feelings with you. You guys, have no idea of how much we, girls, would give up or leave behind for you. You, guys, won't ever know how we, girls, could have passed through tears and pain, just ot be okay with you. You, guys, won't ever understand why we, girls, are so complicated... well it's because of you, guys. You, guys, have no idea how much we, girls, love you.
We girls feel identified with all this.. and it's all because of you, guys.
~ ~ ~

nmf tumble quote

This is who I am...
I wish I didn't live where I live.

I act like I don't care.
I need to realize there are other people in the world who have bigger problems.
I hold grudges.
I'm homesick.
I love classical music.
I'm happiest on rainy days.
I can never control my laughter.
I care way too much about someone who could care less.
My friends are like my siblings.
My interest is piqued by the strangest things.
I get lost in my thoughts.
I dream of the perfect date.
I hate my name.

Alot of these things I'm not proud of, but this is me.
No one is perfect.

Do you ever just have that point in your life where you just feel lost with your emotions and you try to sort them out but there's just no escape?
I hate hurting my best friend and I don't mean to hurt her. She just caught up in something uneccessary. I love her so much and I don't want to lose her. And if there is anything I can do to make her feel better about this situation, she should let me know - because I've never had such a great best friend. She laughs at my pathetic jokes, she tells me what's on her mind, we share pointless dramas with eachother, we're truthful to eachother, we help eachother out in difficult situations although she is usually the one helping me. If I can help her right now... I would feel so much better about myself. I love her so. much.
Whenever someone says, "Oh, you look so familiar where do I know you from?"
I like to respond with, "Do you watch p.orn?"