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Hello! Thank you for vewing my profile, As you can see im not that popular on witty, I just hope one day that I will have a top quote :)

Quotes by xxxskaterxxx

Dear Squirrels in my yard,

Just because you froze in place,
Doesn't mean you're Invisible.
  Sincerely, I'm looking right at you 

People are like slinkies.
They're not very useful,

But its funny when you push them down the stairs.

Gets rid of 99.9% of germs!
Yea well.. what about the other .1%?

Does anyone else just LOVE hugs? 
Cause I do.. 

Best thing is the whoooole entire universe?
Tacos :)

Did you know squidward is actually an octopus? They didnt wanna name him Octward,
and he only has 6 legs.

You're always coming back.
You're like herpes, or a terminator.
No ones looking forward to seeing those again.

Sometimes I wish I was a monkey.
So I could throw bananas at people and it would be legal.

Friends are like

Some are big. Some are small.

Some are real.
Some are fake.