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Hey I'm Zoe, I see you have found my profile!
Well I'm not here to be made fun of, so please no hate. I've had a pretty messed up life but i try to be optimistic but sometimes it's too hard. I have some really great friends but some of the them like to make fun of me so well it just adds on. I'm tired of it so now she isn't my friend anymore. I'm not fake.
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Quotes by xxxzoelovesyouxxx

People say love is forever,
your forever is all that I need
Can't promise that things won't be broken,
but I swear I will never leave
Are you high in saturated fats?
because when I'm around you my heart stops
Why don't you want to taco bout it?
cause I'm nacho friend anymore!
Chubby, single, and ready for a Pringle.
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Tell me the opposite of each of the words below and comment what they are:
you hate me
I remember 2012 like it was yesterday ;)
Have you seen the matter sexy today?