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heyy! my namesz Jess, and i`m 12 yearsz old..i love to sk8 bmx..go to the beach

Quotes by yOo_prOmiSed_xO0

boy , you just dont understand
-> i dont need u to get me any diamond ringz or sparklinq charms...
-> the only thing i want is...too be in yur
[ a r m `sz ] <3

1oo% original
-- use it if u want
ii dReAm abOuT hYm eVeryniiGht
whEN ii wAkE uPp hE`z stYlL iN mY siiTe
ii jUsT kAn`T tAkE iiT nEmOre
ii nEed hiiM riiTe thYs mOmeNt
tO bEe mYnE fOreVer
--» ii lOve hiM SO mUch. & thAT wiiLl nEverr cHanGe....NEVER.
mAde mY miStakes,
-`'`let yoO doWn [x]
`nd i kAn`t, i kAn`t hOld oN fOr tOo loNq
-`'`rAn mY w h o l e liFe iin tHe qrOund [o]
`nd i kAn`t, i kaN`t gEt uP
[x00]..whEn yoO`re qOne..[x00]</3
.//heRe ii gO,
[ s c r e a m ] my lUnqsz oUt `nd trYy tO qEt tO yoO
.//yoO are mY oNly oNe ..
[ o0x ]ii lEt qO,
//.thEre`s juSt nO oNe thAtt g e t s mE lyKe yoO dO
[ o0x ]yOO aRe mY oNly* ,
//.mY«-- onLy«-- oNe«-- ....[ xOO ]
[xOo]«--ii `;' wOn`t *talk
--ii wOn't brEaThe[x]
ii wOn`t move tiLl` yoO f i n a l l y .see.
--thAt you belong with me«--[xOo]
-[x] dOn`t qiVe uPp
-[oO] dOn`t stOp drEaMiiNq
-[x] cOz nO maTtEr wHat
-[oO] yOo`lL nEvEr stOp beLieVinq ..<33
// eVeRyyTiMe ii lOoK aT yOo
..dO yOo kNo wUt ii sEe?
// ii sEe tHinq`sz nO OnE eLzE sEe`sz
.. bUt mE
// yOo hAvE nO iDea hOw mUcH
..i`m crUsHiiN oN yOo
// eVeryyTiMe ii sEe yOo
..i WaNt TOo bE arOunD yOo
// yOo hAvE thA hOtTESt sMilE
..tHAt kEeps me ThinkInq oF yOo fOr a WhiLe
// yOo jUsS dOn`t kNo hOw mUch
..mY hEarT nEeDsz yOo </33
[( yOo kEep mY hEaRt b e a t i n q bAbyy <<3 )]

-- dEd.uHh.kAtEd

maDe by mE <33~
->> oMq, i jUsT dOn`T knO
whUt tHa hElL tA dO
->> ii rEaLlY rEaLlY lYke yOo
ii fOunD oUt tHAT yOo dOn`T lYkE mE tHo
->>wHeN ii lOoK aT yOo, dO yOO eVeN knO wUt ii sEe?
oR dO yOo jUsT sEe rItE thrOuGh mE?..lYke It aPpeAr`sz tO bE
->> ii dOn`t kArE whUt yOo thInK
ii kAn`t stOp lOvinq yOo
->> wHyy kAn`T yOo jUsS bE mY bOo?
....[ dEd.uHh.kAtEd ]

mAde bYy mE...lYke iit??
mE `nD mY cReW dOn`t nEeD
[( liquOr oR bEeR )]
wE`re aLrEaDy nAtuRalLy mEsSeD uP
--> [ name ur friends ]