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That awful moment

when you have a

crush on a guy who is

way out of your


Me is in a relationship with Niall Horan

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because Zayn is taken :)
this happened to me after school today :)

harry (the guy i mention in an earlier quote when he picked up the pee)

My friend dares me to ask for his apple core (he was eating an apple)
*we see him coming back from the bin WITHOUT the apple core*
*i run up to him*
me: hey where did you put that apple core?
him: you don't want to eat that...
me: just tell me where it is please.
him: in the bin
he walks away confused as i run to the bin.
meanwhile my friend talks to him.

Him: she likes apples alot
Friend: yeah she is a bit special like that. but she goes deeper.
him: uh... ok

i come back and his little brother gives me a dirty look. :P

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Lol, this just happened to me.

*commented on my own quote*

*went back to top quotes*


"ooh i have a notification!"

...it was my comment...
silly Yabster!
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One Direction fact #9425834873
...Yes i did just enter in a random number...

One direction fact #1263
Niall Horan is left handed

Roses are red

My name is Dave

This poem makes no sense


not my format.

The worst threat as a kid is "IM TELLING GOD ON YOU" we tried that on a little kid today and she replied with "I'll tell Justin Beiber on you!"

....Kids have changed....

"Sports guy chest bump."
"no cam I don-"
"sports guy chest bump!"

Fave if you know where this is from