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regular marriage and gay marriage
are like bikini tops and bras,
the exact same thing, except only one is allowed in public.

Can we get 2,976 favs to remember the 2,976 people who died on 09/11/01?

Okay, so I don’t expect THAT many but at least 100, not for me but in loving memory for all those killed in 9/11.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Today I found out I'm pregnant.
Im 3 weeks acutally
I'm only 16.
I'm really scared.
And it might be twins, because my stomach is a little bigger than supposed to be.
witty sisters please help me. 
Should I get an abortion, or keep?
Fave for keep
Comment for abortion.
Thanks, also baby names if i would keep the baby.
Thank you.

Dont hate me cuz im beautiful
                                                                        Trust me, thats not why we hate you.


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What if we woke up,
As a baby, and our WHOLE life
Had been a dream...



Dear Ads on Witty, 
Stop trying to look like a quote,
you're not.

Almost tried to "Get Code"


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Funny how strangers like me better then my friends.


you know those big erasers that say
"for really big mistakes?"

yeaah, i need one of those for you...

Cross you heart and hope to die,
Clothes and make-up,
Boys and lies,
Forever there until the end,
That's the description of a Best Friend.


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