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heyy guyss! im valentina! comment on my quotes!

Quotes by yaya122705

i love you i love you i love you
that's all i should have to say to make you stay
i love you i love you i love you
i'm not lying,how could i be that cruel to you ?
i love you i love you i love you
please stay
i love you
and only you
go away

no jocking...
i'm not going to try anymore..
i'm not going to love you anymore..
i'm not going to care about you anymore..
i'm not going to trust you anymore..
i'm not going to miss you anymore..
i'm not going to want you anymore..
i don't love you anymore..
i don't care about you anymore..
i don't trust you anymore..
i don't miss you anymore..
i don't want you anymore..
but the worst part of all of this is;
you don't want me anymore</3

make him want you.make him chase you.because when you try and play 'their game' it never winds up being fair cause they make up the rules.but not anymore. we make the rules now (:


(believe me,he'l chase you.and if not then walkaway from it all.because chasing someone who doesnt want you IS NOT worth your time at alll.)

after all this timee,
i cant get you the hell outta my head.

evn though u dont deserve to be there.

ps___i just wanna run away withh you :/

ventingg. sorry but i cant post this anywhere else besides here cause il just get too many questions.soo yeaaaaa.........
what every kiss means<3

-Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. 
-Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. 
-Kiss on the Ear; Your my everything. 
-Kiss on the Cheek; We're friends. 
-Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. 
-Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. 
-Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. 
-Kiss on the Lips; I like you. 

What the gesture means... 
-Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. 
-Slap on the Butt; That's mine. 
-Holding on tight; I don't want to let go. 
-Looking into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you. 
-Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me. 
-Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go. 
~Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you. 


Don't ask for a kiss, take one. 
If you were thinking about someone while reading this, 
you're definitely in Love. 


Post this again after reading!! 
Or you will have a bad year of Relationships. 


If you LIKE, LOVE, OR MISS someone right now 
and can't get them out of your head 
then Re-post this within One Minute and Whoever you are 
missing will surprise you. 
Repost this as "what every kiss means

Spell your name and see what it means;
A: hot B: loves people C: good kisser D: makes people laugh E: Has gorgeous eyes F: really wild  and crazy, adore you G: very outgoing H:easy to fall in love with I: loves to laugh and smile J: is really sweet K: really silly L: smile to die for M: makes dating fun N: loving and caring O: has one of the best personalities ever P: popular with all types of people Q: hyperactive R: good boyfriend or girlfriend S: cute T: very good kisser U: textaholic V: not judgmental W: very broad minded X: never let people tell you what to do Y: is loved by everyone Z: can be sweet and funny at times.!

V:not judgmental
L:smile to die for
E:has gorgeous eyes
N:loving and caring
T:very good kisser
I:loves to laugh and smile
N:loving and caring

i didnt make this up.
i stole it from someone else lol but its cool so yeaa.. :)
your not worth it anymore,
but babe,
i cant let go just yet,
because for some crazy,insane reason,
i still wanna kiss you in the rain,
hold your hand super tight so i know u cant let go,
put my head on your shoulder as we watch a movie,
lay with your arms wrapped around my waist,my hand in yours,
hug you like were dying right then and there,
get dizzy and weak at the knees when you look at me like im what youve been waiting for,
&remembering ever little detail about you.
your lips.
your hands.
your hugs.
your eyes.
&your lil philly boy haircut that i will always love.
but thats just appearances.
your a lot better on the inside.
i dont care what people think about you.
u were always cool with me.
&i was as happy as i could be with you.
i wish for what i cant have,though.
you'l have a place in my heart always.
evn if u dont want it.

p.s. peole change,but sometimes,they still want the same things.

just venting.
not really that big a deal.
well kinda,but some people just dont understand until its them.
im not coloring it.
its staying just the way it is.
no jocking.