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im taylor,
im not here to make friends.
im not here to care about what you think.
my quotes are mine, so leave them alone.
i used to be really into editing my profile and making it pretty.
but i grow tired of the coding and such.
im a senior this year, so im very busy with scholarships and things of that nature.
i dont come on here near as much i used to.
i go through stages where i love witty, and stages were it annoys me on historic levels.
i think many of the quotes are pointless, and irritating.
but for all i know you probaly think that about mine.
it is not my life goal to get a top quote, but if you like it fav it (:
well thats me, love it or leave it♥

Quotes by yayy4tay

I can’t just drift away from you,
I can’t get on with my life and not
give you a second thought.
When I kissed you that night,
walking away stopped being an option.


you changed my world with just one smile

you stole my heart with just one kiss



Without You,
 I get this feeling, like I’m drowning. That feeling of frustration,

when you know you need something so much and you cant get to it.

Knowing you would give anything to have air to breath again

and yet somehow you’re deprived of it. Sometimes I feel like you are my air,

the source of my frustration whenever you are gone. The only time I can fully breath, is with you


i've been broken,
b u t       n e v e r       b e y o n d       r e p a i r.

I want  the deepest darkest,  parts  of  you. The parts  that you're afraid to share with people. becuase  
I Love You

i'll wait.


Lets start with the

fact  that you are so

much more then

i ever


it's hard to wait for something

you know may never come
but it's even harder to giveup

when you know it's all youv'e ever wanted


It's come to the point,
where the only time i'm happy is when im dreaming of you.